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Capitalism and Class

Designed to create inequality, capitalism is a root cause of health inequity. Looking for the full Course 5? Access Course 5 here.

Course 5: Capitalism and Class Introduction

Purpose and Overview

Capitalism is the prevailing political economic system in the United States, directly impacting the health and well-being of its citizens. The quest for economic growth and accumulation of capital incentivizes the exploitation of people and the degradation of the environment. This course will examine class and capitalism, and their roles in creating well-resourced networks of organized economic interests. It further explores how these networks determine the inequitable production and distribution of resources that generate health inequities. We will close this unit by identifying specific strategies to challenge capitalism as a root cause of health inequities.

Course 5 Highlights

Screenshot "What do classes have in common?" text slideshow
Different political economic systems can divide people into social classes.
screenshot of wealth inequity us map
With a low income, it is difficult to accrue assets like property or stocks, which develop into wealth.
Screenshot of the reveal exercise: Current questions we use to examine income, wealth and class inequality vs questions reframed to examine capitalism as a root cause

Next Steps

Illustration of a group of people of various genders and races stand and sit around a table conversing
Start a group

Learn together about the roots of health inequity by starting a group for your organization. Our course provides step-by-step guidance on how to facilitate healthy dialogue and exploration.

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Learn independently

Enroll in the Independent Learners group and complete the course with a community of learners interested in health equity.