Course 4 Preview

White Supremacy and Structural Racism

When we artificially identify one group as more “worthy,” we build inequality into the structure of our society. Looking for the full Course 4? Access Course 4 here.

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Purpose and Overview

Understanding the root causes of social injustice is crucial to shifting toward health and racial equity. In our society, artificial lines are drawn to distinguish different groups of people for the purposes of amassing resources and opportunities based on how each group is valued. Grouping people by “race,” or by how one looks, is one of those artificial lines. Historically and today, racism—a product of white supremacy—is a root cause of health inequity that continues to use these lines to make unjust distinctions as to who is worthy of accessing resources and opportunities in our society, which significantly impacts health equity. This unit/course will explore that impact and provide readers with the opportunity to strategize ways to act directly on the root cause of racism.

Course 4 Highlights

screenshot of what the census calls us page
Screenshot of the Hawaii Timeline
Screenshot of reveal activity how you might reframe data on racial health inequities
Data collection is an essential tool for understanding racism but it is important that we collect and use data appropriately.

Next Steps

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Start a group

Learn together about the roots of health inequity by starting a group for your organization. Our course provides step-by-step guidance on how to facilitate healthy dialogue and exploration.

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Learn independently

Enroll in the Independent Learners group and complete the course with a community of learners interested in health equity.